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I have few photos and lots of missing pieces of the puzzle.Unfortunately my Grandparents Rose & Albert both passed away years ago.

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- I believe Winifred Depper (born 1902) was friendly with a Jewish girl, although she may not have been local. Jenny Kinton My fathers uncle, Ralph Moorhouse was a well-known Ladywood gymnast who used the Ladywood Gymnasium in the late 1880s, and was later a prominent member of the Dolobran Club.My FATHER was originally A SPRATT, his mother MAUDE lost her husband SPRATT don't know his 1st name, apparently he was a bit of a bad boy around BRUM, died quite young.MAUDE then married CYRIL LOWNDES who was a bit of an entrepreneur around EDGBASTON antique dealer, slum landlord etc etc!I am looking for information relating to residents of Coplow St in the above time frame.I lived at 114 Coplow Street until July 1963 where after we left for Australia, where I have lived for the past 50 years.I have some interesting black & white pic's you may be interested for your site one in particular with CYRIL & MAUDE with her beloved PEKINESE dog collecting rent from one of his streets, the only car in the street being his! I am in the process of researching my family tree and have come across my great great granddad William Adney and his wife Sarah Ann and their 5 children who lived at 29 Nelson Street.


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