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Further training, further punishment and yet more anal stretching and fucking is in order for this very sorry failure of a slave.File Name : Femme Fatale Films - Fuck The Failure - Complete Film.Harrington.mp4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a wimp If this loser thinks he is going to impress cruel Empress Jeun he had better pick up all his cash with his teeth. Looks like he will need to be taught to stand still. Domina Illsa has a riding crop that says otherwise.That's right dumb dumb, drop it right onto the couch. Domina Illsa strikes, and strikes, and strike him again. Category: FEMALE DOMINATION Keywords: Cropping, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, Paddle, suffering, sadism, domnation, Illsa Domina, Extreme Domination, Female Domination, Goddess File Name : Dom Nation - STAY STILL SLAVE.If you only you could see me from behind, my long legs wrapped in thigh high stocking, my sexy leather pressed upon my beautiful body. As you succumb to the sting of its licks, you will learn to worship me, idolize me, obey me, love me! I breathe into you my want, my will, and with every slash I lay upon your open back I make you mine. When he leaves my presence and crawls back to his slave duties, he will ache, and it will because I marked his body and his soul. The pain of my heavy leather whip, is good for you slave. They have no choice when They're in my grasp, I determine their fate, and they always leave bleeding.File Name : Femme Fatale Films - Belittled, Bullied Busted - Part 2. Category: HUMILIATION Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Domnation, Asian Goddess, Pricess, Empress Jeun, Shoe Worship, Loser, Femdom, Humiliation File Name : Asian Mean Girls - PADDLED TO THE POORHOUSE.Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Mia Harrington Runtime : 6min 14s File Size : 78.6 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her brush, bristle side up, on his tender little bottom. Starring Empress Jeun Runtime : 6min 20s File Size : 877 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does this slave want to dance? Every time Domina Illsa strikes him with her whip he lifts his feet in the air like a little monkey in spite of his Mistress's command.

price .99) The Goddess Katamura in my infinite wisdom, Ive decided to release this compilation of my most extreme whipping scenes as a blessing to my slaves and pain sluts of the world . My unforgiving torments wreaked heavy upon your body. The full sting of my singletails tearing into your skin. I wouldn't like it if you did, and after all my happiness comes first. Category: SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING Keywords: BDSM, corsets, Domination, Asian Goddess, Fetish, femdom, Female Supremacy, Leather, Bondage, corporal punishment, GODDESS MIKI, Whipping File Name : Asian Cruelty - MY WHIP WREAKED UPON YOUR FLESH. There's just something so beautiful about seen a man bleed for me.You will take it, and you will learn the true majesty of suffering as I lay havoc upon you. Starring Goddess Miki Runtime : 5min 50s File Size : 856 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will learn - slave - to love my whip. By my whip hand and the discipline that it wields, I give you purpose. Looking at the cane stroked body, where I left my mark on him.File Name : Femme Fatale Films - Try Hard - Part 1.Starring Ella Kros Runtime : 6min 14s File Size : 91.9 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Mia Harrington. Category: LATEX Keywords: BDSM, Whipping, Domination, Feale Superiority, Fetish, femdom, Kink, Leather, Bondage, corporal punishment, Goddess Lana Violet, Paddling, Asian Goddess File Name : Asian Cruelty - WIELDED BY THE WHIP.


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