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This calendar is one of the first methods used to determine the sex of the baby. Astronomers correlate the age of the fetus and mother age with water, earth, wood, fire, metal. We attached this table below, In some countries, sex selection via PGD is forbidden by the law. 5- When the mother can know the gender of the baby?

This doesn't depend on any scientific bases, but this method made the chance of having a baby boy 60% (its usually 51%). Unless it is linked to a disease connected to the sex of the baby. We can’t grantee these methods except what is previously mentioned success rate. At the 12-13 weeks of pregnancy through 4 dimension ultrasound.

Fourth: The normal embryos having the desired sex are transferred to the uterus, sometimes we can’t transfer any embryos if they were abnormal or of the undesired sex.

Finally: The patient should receive some medication and wait 2 weeks before she does the pregnancy test, this methods success rate is almost 100%, without any risk on the fetus regarding dysmorphology, but it is associated with lower pregnancy rate than other methods of IVF without determining the sex of the baby.

Here are some methods that can be used to increase the chance of having a male baby. Joshi researches proved that the female diet affects the gender of the baby and this occurs due to its effect on the sperm receptors in the oocyte wall and via these receptors the sperm penetrates this wall and fertilization occurs. This increases the success rate of having a male baby by 5%, and it is done using vaginal douches that can be bought from the pharmacy.

The balance between sodium and potassium versus calcium and magnesium affects these receptors, which change the wall of the oocyte to favor the attraction of either a male or female sperm. -Fruits like banana, apricot, grape fruit, watermelon, nectarines, Orange juice, pears, cherry. -vegetables like green beans, cornflower, corn, peas, potato, sweet potato, tomatoes. ‘How can the female follow the diet and maintain timing intercourse with the help of vaginal douches under medical supervision?

Since the eighties the researches are done in order to determine the gender of the baby, which is determined by the type of chromosome in that particular sperm (X-Chromosome) or (Y-Chromosome). This method depends on the molecular Weight of the sperm; researchers found that the y-sperm has a low molecular weight, so it is faster in movement but lives shorter.

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At the same period of time, French men underwent left orchiectomy in order to prevent female embryos production entirely. If intercourse occurs 12 hours prior to ovulation, a baby boy is favored but if it occurs several days before ovulation, it will favor a girl.Over decades, the parents were fascinated in determining the sex of their baby according to biological and inherited beliefs, which depend on the human needs.Sometimes a medical situation where there is a disease linked to either the male or female genes.This method is only done in certain centers of the world.This method is 99%-100% accurate and before continuing with this method there is several points to consider: 1- The wife’s age. 3- Medical health of the wife, and the ways of delivery.However, it could also be an adverse effect of one or more of the pills you might have taken, like an Ipill or Unwanted 72, which are popular emergency contraceptives.


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