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In this time, the textile industry in the South has almost ceased to exist.

It has moved overseas to locations around the world.

It is almost trite to say it but Pacolet Mills in the 1940s and early 1950s was almost like one large and extended family.

Back then, in my memory, adults really were adults. They were almost always kind to children and other adults.

I'm ready for fun and see what's out there.

Let chat and have dinner and get to know each other.

The South Carolina towns and villages associated with the textile industry have been seriously impacted.

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At the same time, I realized that a great number of the places and people that I remember existed only in my memory.

It is hard to imagine the pool as it was and all of the enjoyment it brought to an entire generation of Pacolet folks. The remaining bare stone foundations give a scant clue to the hospitality and homelike atmosphere that once existed there.

Hundreds of Pacolet Mills children spent a great part of their life in the Pacolet Mills Elementary School, across the road and up the hill from the hotel.

It is not intended to be a complete history or even totally factual.

It is my own memory and impressions of Pacolet and Pacolet Mills, its people and the locations that existed 60 years ago.


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