Advantages of radiocarbon dating in archaeology

Pottery is the first synthetic material ever created by humans.The term refers to objects made of clay that have been fashioned into a desire shape, dried, and either fired or baked to fix their form.Another type of kiln is an updraft kiln, which is usually a cylindrical construction divided into two compartments: the lower compartment is where the fuel is placed, while the pottery is placed in the upper compartment.This allows the heat to rise and the pottery is fired at a temperature level normally ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Celsius.Thermoluminiscence is often used when no other method is available, mainly because there are restrictions to its application, and its precision is rarely better than /- 10% of the age of the sample. This is especially important at sites where written records cannot offer chronological references, either because they cannot be found or because they remain undeciphered.

Clay is abundant, cheap, and adaptable, which makes it convenient for human exploitation.

This type of knowledge is usually the last step in a long sequence of experimentation, an indication that pottery production in that specific society was not new, and it probably had been developing for several thousand years.

According to the context in which the pottery was found, there are several techniques that can be applied for dating pottery.

Another method than can be applied to date pottery is called thermoluminiscence.

This dating method can applied to pottery and other ceramic materials that have been fired and buried in the ground.


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