Am i dating a sociopath test

They stall taking action until you're so enraged you do it yourself.

Or they react with anger and indignation when asked to cooperate or comply.

I recognize that there are tons of wonderful men out there who are amazing sons, husbands, ex-husbands, fathers, and friends.

This week I am not talking about them – those men fall into any of the below categories.

In these relationships, you somehow lose track of yourself — acting like a maniac or feeling constantly uncertain — and you can’t figure out how or why.

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Let me begin by defining what I mean by a deadbeat.While sometimes it’s easier to spot a deadbeat once they have children, I assure you that this deadbeat Dad was a deadbeat even before he became a father.The Financial Leech: This common type of deadbeat could be your son, husband, brother, boyfriend, or father.Other forms of deadbeats are those who walk away from their children, abuse their children, or refuse to financially, physically, or emotionally support their children.If you know a man who is paying an attorney thousands of dollars in an attempt to evade providing financial support to their child, then you know a deadbeat.It is not unique to you, regardless of what they may say to make you believe you're the only person they have issues with.


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