April macie dating

This is the case where maybe going to the show was a better idea.Normally, stand up shows provide enough entertainment where it was almost like you didn't need to be there.

Here's our list of the most famous people named April, including photos when available. The famous Aprils below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named April, athletes named April, and even political figures named April.Pauly Shore's Vegas is My Oyster is a variety show featuring a number of sizable names, and some laugh-worthy moments.After the huge disappointment Natural Born Komics, and the very worthy Pauly Shore and Friends, we now get another one that is a little inferior to that one, but it goes to show that Pauly Shore has finally found his oyster, and we the audience have finally found a good comedy special. April Macie will be at Stanfords Comedy Club at the Legends this weekend for the New Years Eve holiday. Yes Howard Stern named April the best looking female comic today."She was Amy Schumer before Amy got huge." April is known for her no holds barred stories on life and sex.Naturally, people's performances were going to get cut out.


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