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I don't have a problem with mixed race marriage, however you've got to be pretty careful when you bring up children, sometimes they can end up pretty messed up, not know who or what they are and where they fit in. There's no reason you can't instill important cultural values on them just because they're half-not-Assyrian.

Living in the UK, your child will most likely have more British values than Assyrian anyways. Also, living in the UK, it's likely that eventually your descendents are going to procreate with someone not of Assyrian heritage.

If two people are happy together that is ultimately more important than their ethnicity/cultural background.

Well, if you believe genetics to be the defining aspect of your culture, sure.

Me, I'd try to preserve the cultural heritage rather than the genetic one.

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Even though it's harder I really really want to marry someone of my own race because 1) If Assyrians don't do this then we will soon be extinct and 2) When your parents are no longer here you have to build another home for yourself and I don't think I would be able to handle some mixed-race thing. That said, I'm not sure that "Hey baby, want to help me ensure the survival of our race? -Mir I don't think you're being narrow minded or archaic.

Liberalism largely over the last 50 years has trashed the roots from which many individuals derive their identity as being a hindrance on the overriding goal of autonomy.


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