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Now, if your experience starts out like mines, there will be many frogs you go on a 1st date with and it ends up being your last.

So, how will the next guy know what you wore with the last guy?

There are lots of unwritten rules (as well as a few written ones) that can make it really difficult for any woman, let alone a plus size woman, to search for love and enjoy the process.

Therefore we’ve turned to the beautiful Ashley Morgan of ‘From Head To Curve’ who was keen to share her experiences in the often trying world of plus size dating. It’s hard out there for all women, but as a plus size woman I personally know some of the crap we go through before hopping on the dating scene.

And they’re traded on file-sharing platforms (which also requires special software and clicking on dubious downloads).

But now anyone can check if his or her spouse was cheating — just by filling out a form.

CNNMoney verified this by plugging in email addresses of users it has independently verified. Many of the cheaters exposed in this hack serve in the U. military, evident because they used email addresses that end in the domain.Someone has even created a custom Google Map that displays some of Ashley users’ addresses registered with the website.It’s difficult to verify the accuracy of these searching tools.As if the plus size woman is not allowed to date the tall man with an athletic build, or the plus size man is not allowed to have the beautiful model who resembles Gigi Hadid. They were created to keep the fat person in their place, and make them feel like they have to lose the weight in order to have the partner and lifestyle that they want. You have to have thick skin in these dating streets.So, who cares what other people think or feel that you deserve. If you are attracted to them, and they treat you well follow your heart and bust out of this stereotype.Their addresses are most likely legitimate, because they were tied to the credit card they used to pay for the service, according to one computer researcher. And in total, the data makes it easy to hunt someone down. For example, the database shows if a person was listed as a married “male seeking male” with a “someone I can teach” sexual fantasy looking for a “boy next door.” Or an “attached female seeking male” with a “spanking” fantasy seeking “a Don Juan.” The listed sexual fantasies range from master/slave relationships to cross dressing and exhibitionism.


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