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A young adult novel series by Donna Hosie, starting with The Ring of Morgana and continued in The Fire of Merlin and The Spirit of Nimue, wherein the teenage protagonist Mila Roth's parents are "the awakened King Arthur and Gorian druid queen, Morgana," and the Lady of the Lake is the antagonist.A series of novels by Daniel Diehl in which Morgana has been denied the throne because of her gender and became a powerful evil sorceress.The villains are Constantine and Guinevere's half-sister, the Witch Queen Gwenhwyvach.Later, in the third book in the series, Ogier's Prayer, Morgan is the lover of Ogier the Dane and mother of his son.A series of children's novels by Amber Castle, including Sophia the Flame Sister (2012), Lily the Forest Sister (2012), Isabella the Butterfly Sister (2012), Amelia the Silver Sister (2012), Grace the Sea Sister (2012), Evie the Swan Sister (2012), Olivia the Otter Sister (2013), and Chloe the Storm Sister (2013).In it, "Morgana is the elder sister of the other eight Spell Sisters who live on Avalon.

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Its Morgan is a contemporary world-threatening sorceress and an enemy of Merlin and his modern students, able to take the form of a snake (small or large) and work great magic.Later books also feature a daughter of Morgen and Merlin, Eliana. In The Squire's Tale, Morgan first appears as a shapeshifting (introducing herself in form of a dragon) Arthur's half-sister and Gawain's aunt and a chaotic enchantress.Morgan has an elder sister Morgause who appears to be reincarnation of the evil goddess known as The Enchantress and is plotting to kill Arthur.A series of novels by Yasmine Galenorn, wherein Morgaine, the half-fae Queen of Shadow and Dusk is introduced in Darkling (2008) and returning in several of later books including Dragon Wytch (2008), Demon Mistress (2009), Night Huntress (2009), Bone Magic (2010), Harvest Hunting (2010), Courting Darkness (2011), Haunted Moon (2013), Priestess Dreaming (2014), and Panther Prowling (2015). Owen, including Here, There Be Dragons (2006) and The Search for the Red Dragon (2008) and The Shadow Dragons (2009).The Morgaine are three witches: Gweynhfar (Guinevere), Circe, and Calypso.In The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight, Morgan disguises herself as a crone to protect her young niece Sarah from Morgause's minion Meliagant.


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