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Q: If a tenant owes rent on the first of the month and late fees start on the fifth, how can we enforce late charges if tenants backdate their checks to the fourth or even the first of the month? A: Your problem is not collecting late fees; it’s accepting backdated checks.

Paychecks should be transmitted to Intuit before p.m.

Pacific Time on Wednesday for a Friday paycheck date. Pacific Time deadline on Wednesday or any time on Thursday or later, it's considered a late payroll since there was less than two banking days between the day you transmitted the paycheck and the effective date of the paycheck.

After a few months, he got a job transfer, and gave one month’s notice, as required by law. A: The answer depends on how your state characterizes the tenancy that your son created, with the landlord’s apparent consent, after the end of his one-year lease. In many states, this arrangement would create a month-to-month tenancy.

The trick your tenants are attempting to pull off is a common one.In most cases, the funds will appear in the employee's account 2 banking days after the payroll is processed.Since tax agencies calculate payments based on the check date, not the pay period date, late paychecks will often result in a late payment to state or federal agencies.There you will find the Payroll Service Fee: Payroll not sent 2 days in advance.In both of these cases, the information that you transmit to Intuit will not match the paper check.No law requires you to accept them, and careful landlords refuse to do so.


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