Bakugan shun and alice secretly dating

Well, not too many stories are being done about Alice, so I decided to make one about her. “Yes.” the Misaki household gingerly replied as she left, “The party is definitely on track.” Runo chortled. She really loved to swing when she was angry or sad since it helped cool her head, and gave her some time to think things over.

It is her birthday and everybody is acting as though they worship her… ” she yelled over her shoulder as she slammed her computer shut, breaking off their connection. As she was just turning towards the swing set- she heard a chorus of “Surprise! “Oh wow, you put a party together…” Alice breathed, awe-struck by the sudden turn of events.

everybody would be including Shun, Marucho, Dan, Runo, Drago, Tigrerra, Preyas, Skyress and so on.^^ You get the idea!

——————————————— Alice thought it to be so very, very odd when she woke up this morning. Entirely ignorant that it was Alice who spoke in the first place.

“Ya know I don’t like it when people lock me in a closet for an hour even if it was to ‘save yourselves'” Runo grumbled. ”asked Marucho “Well i got Dan’s ear its all red now,i think hes coming.” “Well at least you didnt attack those girls.”mocked Shun and Julie “Knock it off i told you i’m not jealous!

“Mm I have a feeling I’m going to regret this day and that stupid energy drink.” Shun said sleepily. Stop insulting me.”defended Dan “What ever lets go.” airilly replied Runo *Runo ran by Dan* “How did it go?

Runo handed Alice a small round sylinder, when you shook it it made noises. Alice opened the container slowly she was shocked it was bakugan! ” They all yelled.(Exept for Shun) Shun was staring at Alice with glossy eyes. Did you ever know that you had the most beutiful eyes? “I’d do that personaly I’ve always wanted to hit somebody with a pan.” He laughed. How can you think of something like that at a time like this?!? Whatever, quit it now.” Shun growled protectively while striding over to Alice. “No its not okay, Dan please stop.” Shun continued. Mister hot -shot.” he muttered as he rolled his eyes at Shun. ” Alice and the rest were laughing at this little feud. “Dan, stop your playfulness- or was it your flurting? I’ll live with it.” Alice blushed a deep shade of crimson, hugging him back. “Come on Alice a little fun never hurt you.” Smirked Julie and Runo “Who ever said it would hurt me? After about twenty minutes of yelling and jumping up and down Alice tryed the drink.. “I do not see the problem with this drink.” She mouthed. Come on a little energy drink does not make ths sort of thing happen.” Shun remarked.


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