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I have to be careful though, because if I have a headache coming on, this cranks it up to megawatt status.This perfume is also the one that garners me the most compliments. I personally like this but its nothing either terribly great or offensive to my nose.You can't douse yourself in this by any means, but in this case, a little goes a very long way. Little bit of florals, some sweetness, some earthy tones from the truffle.Faint hints of spice, but that sweetness from the chocolate and vanilla really are the players in this scent.I wanted the blackest orchid, and those aren't easy to find." The perfume is luxurious and the product range includes Eau de Parfum in 50ml (at US) and 100ml (at US5) bottles, and limited edition of 5.000 15ml bottles of Parfum at US0. Buy Tom Ford Black Orchid at Price: .00 - .00 a dark earthy black currant & patchouli bomb on me. this stuff lasts all day & the next on me so it pays for itself.

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I will agree with those that say this fragrance can only be worn with few sprays max.Just the other day I let my brother spray some black orchid on himself, truly amazing on someone else, where as on yourself, you may not get to experience that trueness in smell of what it's meant to smell like. To the reviewers who mentioned not so pleasant undertones to this. Glorious Florals, musk, sandal wood, black currant; white floral sourness. Reminds me of Grey Flannel in some ways but this is deeper, less screechy and higher quality. It will mess with your mind slowly whipping you into submission with its intoxicating embrace; like nothing you've ever experienced.10/10 Ok..looking for a new signature and considering the price I really researched this first. I was recalling previous reviews mentioning the smell of garbage and the bottom of dirty bins and that's all I could smell. A camphorous element in the opening reminded me a bit of mothballs. A little mature, unisex scent that leans "feminine"; better suited for cooler weather. Lasted around eight hours on my skin before becoming soft. Not bottle worthy for me but Black Orchid is an excellent EDP I just got a sample of this, and I am obsessed. Black Orchid is olfactory perfection in a bottle and the beautiful black bottle is worthy of collecting. I own the original EDP and the lighter Voile De Fleur. It was recommended by a male friend whose taste I trust." It remains to be said that Black Orchid is long lasting and with wide spread aura."This is not about an ordinary orchid, it's about something a little more strange and rare.Those mixed with the florals can make this feminine, but the EDP to me and as to other men, is quite pleasing and wear-worthy.


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