Blind date dating guide

There are a lot of different ways to meet new women.Or a girl you know has a friend you “will totally hit it off with”?

And before the guy who is happily married to or dating the woman of his dreams writes in and says, “I met my girl through a set-up date,” let me just head you off at the pass and call you the Great Exception.(okay – is he gone now? Let’s continue…)Ninety-Five percent* of the time the set up date is a train wreck. Every time you leave the house is an opportunity to meet someone new (and I will cover THAT in detail in another article) but for now .

Use the classic dating strategies: introductions through friends, blind dates, meeting through activities (work, recreation, religious, etc.), and plain old serendipity. Through them, you'll probably meet women who also enjoy them, women who might become friends — and eventually, maybe more. So the odds are in men's favor — and women know it. Try to correct misinformation, or at least be prepared to prove that you're not the escaped serial killer who shares your name.

Photos increase men's response rate 40 percent — for women, photos triple it! Beyond saying, "You're really cute and you live near me," you can add that like the woman you're contacting, you also play tennis and enjoy jazz.

You won’t be seen as a jerk because you simply took the rational, practical approach of calling and getting to know somebody – first. Accepting and going on the blind date or the set-up date is putting the cart before the horse.

And that’s why it’s always a nightmare and never works (except for that one guy getting ready to email us and tell me I’m wrong – just ignore that guy).


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