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After telling this story to Chris I asked him how he viewed Sam? I urge you to give it a listen, it’s much better than reading it.“I am very, very protective of Sam.

I don’t take anything away from the fact that Sam makes mistakes throughout the whole film, the primary one being that he violates the trust of Frankie.

reamworks premiered People Like Us at the Seattle Film Festival back at the beginning of June.

The film comes from director and co-writer Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers) and stars Chris Pine alongside Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfieffer, Olivia Wilde and Michael D’Addario and centers on the story of Sam (Pine), a fast-talking salesman whose father, whom he hasn’t spoken to in years, dies suddenly.

It doesn’t take away from the fact that he should have probably been there for his father when he was dying. And that’s what Sam does with Lillian in that scene on the sofa. We will never see eye-to-eye on that.’ And there’s no venom behind it.

It’s almost complete empathy and with complete love he’s saying, ‘I don’t agree with you.

I like that and I like [that] the Sam you see in the beginning, trying to sell this guy rubber, is the guy that’s not in a suit, his hair’s screwed up and he hasn’t shaved and probably hasn’t slept all that much, [compared to the guy you see later in the film] baring his faults to this woman that’s his sister.

I kind of like the raw simplicity of [that] matched with this salesman, BS’er, ball-juggler in the beginning.”Talking about that character transformation is where Pine got a bit more excited.

The tone changes drastically when he meets Leeza (Anjali Jay) and fails to realise that she’s an Indian facing an arranged marriage.

Star Trek’s Chris Pine is a real charmer in this low-budget comedy, but the same can’t be said of the film itself.

A muddled mix of fratboy comedy, disability drama and cross-cultural romance, it sees blind Danny (Pine) attempting to meet the woman of his dreams.

As the owner of a limo service which is practically a mobile brothel, Danny's big brother Larry (Kaye Thomas) is willing - and able - to help.

Predictably, every date he arranges ends in disaster.


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