Boyfriend goes on dating sites

I made him delete his profiles and I kept an eye out on his history but I felt too hurt and didn't trust him so I broke up with him. Marie I have read your story and what a brave lady you are.

We had the big talk last night and he said he was stupid and he realizes what he has to lose.

I think Marie giving him the phone back shows him that you trust him and his own fate is right in his hands and he has the choice.

XXX Hey Glad to hear youve had a chat about this and I guess on the plus side at least he hasn't contacted anyone, not like my partner!

However, I have told him if it happens again I will walk without pre-warning him and we will be done.

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We've been through the mill and back due to his ex being a cow over access to his child cos he's with me (they split 5 yrs ago) but apart from that we were rock solid!! Don't know what to do I'm bloody heartbroken x Aww Hun, hugs hugs!

Had some concerns about my daughter on social networking so browsed through the history on my partners computer.

I found a week ago he has joined some dating sites, well I say dating more like free sex sites!!

Am going to try not to check it all the time rho that will be difficult. also like U, I wouldn't mind him looking at porn, just not dating sites as that's too personal for my liking.

Good luck hun hope all works out for U x How upsetting for you Anon It sounds like you are trying to be very fair and rational about this, and I hope your partner rewards that by no longer going on these sites.


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