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He said his ‘legal team’ have contacted the UK authorities to find the ‘best way forward’. He has made a comfortable albeit cramped home at 3 Hans Crescent near Harrods in central London.

His 194 sq ft room has a bed, computer, sun lamp, treadmill and a microwave, and he has a cat. Breaching bail is a low level offence and may only lead to a fine but has a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

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That is something that I cannot forgive and something that I cannot forget.’ 'The war is just commencing,' Assange said during a rare appearance on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy. The US has said I and other Wikileaks staff have no rights and our arrest is a priority'The day of drama began when Sweden’s top prosecutor said an investigation into allegations that Assange raped a woman during a visit in 2010 had been ‘discontinued’.

Elisabeth Fritz, who represents Assange’s accuser, said the woman was shocked by the decision and stood by her claims.

‘It is a scandal that a suspected rapist can disregard the judiciary and thus avoid trial,’ she added.

Marianne Ny told a press conference that it was effectively a lost cause because there was no way of getting Assange to properly answer questions.

She said since there was no prospect of bringing Assange to Sweden it was ‘no longer proportionate’ to maintain a European arrest warrant.


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