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"So it's-a whack-a-mole type of situation." Tobon said these interactions can often lead predators to ask to meet the child in person."We understand the challenges of managing a social community and take our responsibility in protecting our users very seriously," said in a statement."This is what, you know, 20 years ago was the stranger offering candy to a child," Homeland Security Investigations Deputy in Charge John Tobon said.Tobon said in this age of online celebrity, everyone wants to be the next internet sensation.However, research by Fairfield University psychologist Linda Henkel (2014) suggests that taking a camera-ready approach to your life might actually cause you to lose, not retain, precious memories.

The live broadcasting space is a new frontier in how people connect with one another, and we strive to ensure the community is a safe and friendly place for all users.

If you inadvertently push the wrong button, run out of device memory, or fiddle with the settings, you’ll not only fail to record the moment electronically, but mentally as well.

The problem with expending so much of your mental energy on recording the moment on a device instead of within your brain is that you won’t truly remember those important moments.

"They take showers and bring the phones in with them," Maddy's mother said.

How easy does this make it for predators to prey on a child?


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