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It will also be very interesting to see how the team standings fall into place next year, especially after the emergence of France as a title contender in Fiji (the Frenchies, in a possible sign of things to come, would have actually won the 2016 Worlds if prone wasn’t part of it).

The other thing to note with these dates is that the classic 11 City Tour, one of the longest-running races in the world and arguably the greatest challenge our sport has to offer, should get a nice little bump in participation after Denmark.

And hey, at least this way everyone gets to see two very different sides of a great country; Copenhagen (population: 562,379) is literally a thousand times bigger than Vorupør (population: 591).

The reason for the split location is pretty simple: The event needed Copenhagen involved to have any hope of getting funding, and it needed the west coast involved to have any hope of getting waves.

adding more women to the SUP racing) while keeping the size of the overall event manageable.

– The SUP racing events will probably adopt the “anything up to 14ft” board class, which would align the ISA with the majority of other major events around the world that have already set the standard.

This would be a smart move considering racing in Europe is almost completely 14′ these days.

We’re also hoping the ISA can make the racing more exciting and introduce some fresh new formats and courses for Denmark 2017.Given its location within Europe and just how easy it will be to reach – there are probably two dozen nations that can to the event – I’m predicting there will be around 40x nations.That would be a record not only for the SUP world championship but for any event in the history of the ISA.Having upwards of 40 (or perhaps even more) nations competing is an exciting prospect — it’ll certainly help foster the great “Mini Olympics” vibe that’s always been unique to The Worlds.The fact the second half of the championship is happening in a small seaside town will only add to that atmosphere; the population of Vorupør will almost double during the event.They haven’t made a final decision yet, but if the ISA does drop prone it’ll probably be because participation is considered too low (very few countries actually have prone specialists, and the ISA Worlds fail to connect with the prone community in some of the major nations).


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