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A well-crafted opinion opener can guarantee you a few minutes of conversation in which to make a connection.You’ve got two delivery options: you can either make it seem spontaneous or “root” it.He says he wants my advice, but I think he’s already made his mind up.I think it’s too soon, but if I tell him that he might never talk to me again.The researchers said their findings were consistent with past research showing that, during the first minute of interaction, women with a professed interest in a man send no more non-verbal signals than do non-interested women.“In other words,” they explained, “it is hard for a man to determine whether or not a woman is interested in the first few minutes of an interaction.They will likely be in conversation already, or at least thinking about something with a conversation going on inside their head. Think about how you do this in your own life; be aware of your interaction next time you join a group.When you start talking, you’re breaking that state, and their response will be, “What? I only learned this properly when I started as a trainer and watched students open without first saying, “Hey.” The girls would say, “What?

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Different people feel comfortable saying different kinds of things. There’s a guy over there who is so perfect for you!

You can pick a few from below, modify them to fit you better, and later make up your own. A couple of solid, tried-and-tested openers are enough. This opener involves approaching a woman, pointing to a guy you (supposedly) think is “perfect” for her, and trying to take her over to meet him.

Invariably she’ll refuse, and then you can say how she should trust you because you’re a great matchmaker.

On the other hand, if I say it’s a good idea and it doesn’t work out, I’ll feel responsible.

So what do you guys think, how soon is too soon to get engaged?


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