Chatroulette sex camera

Two of the first four video chatters randomly selected for CNN by Chatroulette were naked when their pictures appeared.

The fifth person simply held a sign up to the screen that read: "Please show me your boobs." For better or worse, Chatroulette is going viral on the Web in a big way.

But it's hard to say for sure who would be held responsible for any potentially illegal content on the site, and what would be enforced.

That's because so many legal jurisdictions could be in play, and because the site chooses video chats randomly, so it may be difficult to prove someone intended to cause harm, or to view illegal images. It may raise them for people that are misusing or abusing the site," he said.

No way to tell who will appear on the other side of the camera.

Some users dress in costumes, ostensibly to entertain their chat pairs. Viability Whether Chatroulette will be more than just a bizarre blip on the Internet pop-culture radar is still up for debate.The anti-Facebook The site's hallmark feature is the randomness by which it selects companions for Internet chats.Several online video services such as Skype and Google Chat let people conference through live video feeds on the Web.Ostrow, of Mashable, believes advertisers would not want to be associated with the lewdness of the site."I think it's certainly an interesting experiment and I can see kind of why it's catching on," he said.On Chatroulette, every interaction is an adventurous gamble.


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