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I may not be able to teach elementary school again but he's given me another idea.

Maybe Bridge of Faith needs my assistence and I could teach guitar, English as a Second Language, computer, write grants, even do consoling (degree in psychology but never really used professionally). The house is in the next city over but city bus transit won't take me there. I'm going to keep bugging the city to see if there's way. Staying home being "safe" is not the way I want to spend my life even though this makes my husband and sons more comfortable.

I am a Christian but I have also lived with epilepsy for 16 years (half my life) I have never been quite sure about asking God for healing (although many friends have suggested I should) but today I feel like I've had a bit of a break through on this front after re-reading one of Jesus' healing stories.

So I've laid myself at His feet as it were, and I'm now praying with all my heart and all my belief that he will heal me of the humiliation, the fear, the medication that epilepsy is for me - to say nothing of the issues with driving a car.

While we are indeed called to trust Him, perhaps you should also trust a doctor who you have sought treatment from in the past.

Perhaps you could decrease or wean off a medication. I pray many blessings to you, Zanna in Denver, Colorado Thanks for your lovely email Zanna. Hello Zanna It's been so encouraging, interesting and comforting to have received so many replies to my original email on Christian healing for epilepsy.

And finally, for any of my unborn children who may also contract epilepsy.

I guess I'd love to hear some advice/stories from Christian epileptics who are travelling this same road towards possible healing. (BTW if anyone knows any Christian neurologists living in Brisbane, Australia, I would appreciate such contact details). I know the anxiety and humiliation that you expressed.

I have not driven for a number of years, and I don't plan to drive again.

But over the past year, I've started having complex partial seizures too. But like you, I will continue to believe in Him regardless, as like you said, His ways are ultimately higher than ours. If you're ever wake during the auras, find a scripture that really speaks to your spirit, even saying "JESUS! And they are the most frightening, horrifying, mortifying, horrible things I have experienced.

They happen right out of the blue - sometimes in the middle of an ordinary conversation - and so are doubly frightening. I want to deny I have them because they are so frightening.


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