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For those that do not know what Split DNS is, it’s when you have an internal DNS zone that matches your external (internet) DNS. If my domain was shudnow.local, I wouldn’t have Split DNS due to the difference in DNS Namespaces.

But if I add a primary DNS zone on my Domain Controllers for so the zone is available internally, I would then have Split DNS.

Yet, less than half of those hirsute people seem to be see a reduction in body hair when on those drugs.My father has zero back hair and very little chest hair, but he had an absolutely stellar head of hair into his 60s. When I first started noticing this phenomenon, I was a big tennis (and sports in general) fan, and the two superstars of the game at the time, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, were both very hirsute in their bodies, but not so much on their scalps.Even in his early 70s, he still has better hair than I have in my 30s and of course I have a lot more body hair then him. Agassi used to wax his chest and back hair regularly.In any case, below are a few recent examples of people who noticed a reduction in body hair while on finasteride or dutasteride: One of the biggest myths ever purported in the hair loss world is that balding men are more virile and have higher levels of testosterone. I also do not think that balding men have significantly higher levels of dihydrotesterone (DHT) in comparison to non-balding men, although I have not read any data on that subject.What is true is that balding men’s scalp hair follicles are more sensitive to the damaging effects of DHT.There is always some person who will ruin a thread on this subject by writing “I have no body hair and am still balding. ” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has more scalp hair then would be expected based on his plentiful body hair: In the headings for the first two sections of this post, I implied that people with hairy backs are lucky, but added a question mark (? My reasoning for this ambiguity was that while most people with robust back hair would probably consider themselves unlucky, a somewhat recent trend in the hair transplant world has resulted in many people being grateful to have more body hair.


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