Consolidating business credit card debt

But as long as you’re committed to this payment, that money won’t be available for other business purposes. We’ll assume that belt-tightening is no longer working for you. It’s time to stop struggling and get control of your finances.

Debt consolidation offers both advantages and disadvantages for small business owners.While debt consolidation can lower your monthly payments and even your interest rates, it doesn’t change the fundamental problem that your business is spending more money than it’s taking in.In some cases, small businesses might need to alter their strategies to boost cash flow.If you’re struggling with low profits and high costs, debt consolidation could be a viable alternative to defaulting on your loans.Used by individuals and businesses alike, debt consolidation combines various loans and credit lines into single principal and payment amounts, ideally with a lower interest rate.Additionally, owners should evaluate different consolidation companies, as some engage in practices that are less than honest.


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