Cuckold couple date dating before divorce christian

It is not unusual that the husband (also referred to as: cuck) gets ‘seconds’ by licking the seemen left by her sexpartners from his wife pussy or body when she returns home or after her sex acts (of which he sometimes is the observer).Sometimes the wife also sends her partner cuckold videos or cuckolding pictures of her having sex with other men.But Cat is not what she seems, not a tame little southern lamb, cultivated and gently reared to stroke his ego.No, she is a wild rose of Texas, a vixen who will stop at nothing to get satisfaction, even if it means jumping the chauffeur in their wedding limo. After all, Michael is a loving dad and a good provider, but as far as God’s gifts go, his package isn’t quite what it should be.

Pre-order your copy now on With this Southern Belle, He Needs a Ringer When divorcé Michael meets divorcée Catherine at the gym, he’s convinced that she’s the perfect southern girl whose family will blend harmoniously with his.There are even situations where the husband has no sexual relationship with his partner anymore (or rarely) and the wife gets even impregnated by other men.In a typically cuckold relationship, the husband gets off by seeing or fantasizing about his wife with another man or even men.There just seems to be something that draws women and or couples to the darker side …lol! Marriage is on the downfall and couples more and more are not hooking up until later in life. Which brings me to my point, if not for the old ways, the religious views and scare tactics of the past, wouldn’t we all be happier if we could be with others and sexually enjoy whom we desire as long as no harm is done?Chastity seems to be a popular thing as well- the white partners of these sexy ladies are controlling their mates and making them serve with pride. Most men and women are attracted to people other than the one person they marry. Could we have marriage or relationships where the norm would be to do such things?I also suggest he not be in chastity so the hotwife can visually see and feel her cuckold’s need for her while also accepting his penis has no place inside her at that point.


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