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I have completed my Bachelors in Financial Management and Services - now wo...

I am looking for a suitable partner for myself - preferably living in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland or the UK.

The film has already become the single most watched documentary on Danish TV.

The original background to the film is the life of Sommai, a Thai woman and former sex worker, who met a Danish man one night in Pattaya.

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In the film, which is almost like a fictional tale, Kae eventually agrees to marry the Danish man in Denmark and the blonde 38 year old giant tells the viewers 'the first weekend spent with Kae was the best time of my entire life.' In making 'Love on Delivery' Ketz employed the services of an anthropologist, Sine Plambech to study Thai communities in Denmark and their dynamics and confidently deals with criticism that his film is on dangerous ground portraying the Thai Danish marriages and relationships based on economic and emotional needs as a success; 'There was a lot of prejudice about these men being abusive', the filmmaker admits.

However instead he found Danish men 'very proud of their wives.' 'I like the men, I think that there is something very beautiful in their search for companionship and love,' the directors says.

Ketz warns about prejudice against the phenomenon pointing out that the marriages between the Thai women and Danish men were generally successful.

My sister is a fantastic person, currently working as a psychologist with the Government. Physics (Hons), double masters one from Delhi University and another from St. Read more It is a pleasure sharing a few words about my daughter. Read more I live in Denmark, but I'm frequently between Copenhagen and London. Read more Hi, I am putting up this profile on behalf of my niece-daughter. I am a grounded person, who values family happiness and hard work. Work and home both are important to me and its my endeavor to maintain a healthy balance between my personal and professional life. Read more We connected on in later 2015 and started communicating on Whatsapp from there.

She is outgoing and independent, at the same time preserving her Indian values. Read more She is down to earth, principled, with high moral character and highly educated. She has completed her Bachelors in Engineering & Technology. Studying my last year of University, working part time teaching college students and work as a fashion designer in my spare time. Read more Our daughter is beautiful, intelligent, smart and has good sense of humour. She will complete her MSC in IT/Business Adm in 2017. I would love to meet someone who is muslim/Sunni and loyal, modest t... Read more I am seeking a suitable partner for my lovely daughter. As parents, we have taught our daughter to respect others, and live life with a positive & progressive outloo... We started talking as strangers and became friends.


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