Dating a guy with a girlfriend who is proudlock dating

They just ooze sex appeal because they’re so confident and happy with their own physique.

Feel good about yourself and look good, especially when you’re around him and he’d definitely notice how good you are as a dating potential.

And always thank him for being so sweet with a cute-as-a-button smile even if he didn’t realize he was being helpful. To understand how to steal a guy, you need to understand his girlfriend’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’ll make him feel good to be around you, especially when you appreciate his company so much. Speak to a few friends discreetly or snoop around on her social networking pages and try to find out more about his girlfriend.

[Read: How men fall in love to understand this] Find a way to get his attention and show him how great you really are, physically and intellectually, and he’ll have a hard time not falling in love with you.

Once he’s caught you staring a few times, start to play cold for a few days.

[Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you] When the guy you want to steal hears his friends talk about you, it would push him further to impress you and win your attention. #4 Bring out his protective side Guys are protective by instinct.

If you want to know how to steal a guy, you need to use this in your favor and make him appreciate you a lot more.

Let him miss your stare, and soon enough, he’ll try to stare at you and get your attention.

Look back at him now and then, but look away quickly.


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