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If a women was single, she was made to move in with one of her male relatives or join a convent and become a nun. In accordance to different classes of women, the only women that were aloud to express themselves were upper class women, but not sufficiently.

The existence of women was there but it was a marginal existence.

These women were very open about expressing anything they wanted to.

In this time period, a outspoken woman was unheard of.

Because I was entirely unprepared for when The European asked me over Face Time, “So do you want to come up to visit me in Boston again?

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Men were the only people aloud to be outspoken and expressive. Sometimes her words and actions are extremely violent. There was a strong sense of disapproval from everyone about Katherine. That is until Petruchio comes along and decides he will do the task in order to marry into her fortune. She enjoys the attention she gets from men for being a dainty female. Shakespeare decided to have two characters contrast such a great deal. Having a shrew and the ideal woman in the same play shows off the characteristics of each of these woman. The renaissance may have been ruled for half of a century by women, but in everything else men ruled. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1984.1950.

In Australia, the film is known under the title of Army Intelligence.

Much to my surprise, things were going better than good with the new guy.

On top of all that, this Renaissance Man turned out to enjoy inventively cooking and sweetly cuddling and had a wicked sense of humor that came out when I least expected it.

With all that goodness, I should’ve had my guard up for interference, which sometimes seems inevitable in my complicated love life.


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