Dating and conflict resolution

Furthermore, even if neither person wants an escalation, each one feels entirely justified in their response, based on how they were treated. Personally, I hated how vulnerable I felt when my husband did something that hurt my feelings.

It's the same principle as giving someone “a taste of their own medicine,” and it leads to conflicts that spiral out of control, becoming harder and harder to resolve. I felt scared that he had the power to make me feel so upset.

"Many believers and their churches have not yet developed the ability to respond to conflict in a gospel-centered and biblically faithful manner," explains Sande.

"When Christians become peacemakers, they can turn conflict into an opportunity to strengthen relationships and make their lives a testimony to the love and power of Jesus Christ." What does a peacemaker look like?

When we first started dating, I found that there were things that my husband would do or say that left me feeling really upset, and my responses definitely weren't constructive. All the skills, knowledge, and tools in the world mean nothing if I lacked the intention to use them.Embarrassingly, my go-to was “the silent treatment.” better. So, then the next obvious question is: Why didn't I want to?In conflict literature, there's a term called a “retaliatory spiral.” As humans, we have a tendency to retaliate to hostile behavior with an even higher level of hostility, thus escalating the conflict.El segundo estudio, con 1.938 adolescentes, comprobó si la estructura factorial encontrada discrimina entre niveles de implicación en violencia.: Además de verificar la adecuación psicométrica de los ítems, los resultados del primer estudio mostraron la misma estructura trifactorial en ambas versiones: una aproximación positiva a los conflictos y dos estilos no constructivos, implicación y retirada.What's more, you will hear from professional conciliators and Christian counselors who will give you solid, biblical tips to resolve conflict in your relationships. Do not let unresolved conflict rob you of the joy that healthy relationships can bring.


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