Dating birthday etiquette

Let’s look at it in ledger form: Now let’s look at it as a pie chart: Giving flowers doesn't have to be expensive.

Private chains, like Trader Joe’s or Fresh & Easy, have a small selection of flowers at great prices.

It’s been six months since your broken-hearted meltdown, your hair is finally recovering from the bleaching process and spontaneous decision to get blunt bangs and you have yet to speak to the culprit since the dramatic last goodbye.

Don’t take the bait and allow yourself to fall into the bear trap.

Yes, roses are great, but you — discerning reader that you are — didn’t come here to get advice about roses. If she looks at them and puts them in the window, get her big bright colorful flowers. The classic behind-the-back surprise bouquet of flowers works like a charm.

That’s right, let’s say you have a hundred-dollar bill in your pocket, and on V-Day you buy a dozen roses at, say .99 (if you can even find them at any price, since they’re most likely sold out all over town).

He now lives as a touring and studio musician in Los Angeles California. He plans to wait until 40 to write his first novel. Few life events can cause as much upheaval and pain as ending a relationship with someone you cared about.

Whether you’re the breaker or the breakee, odds are you ...

Before they wilt or dry out, take off all the petals and scatter them around the bedroom.

To complete the romantic picture, light some candles and put on some music.


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