Dating bucket

Whenever anyone asks how he manages to cope with Hyacinth, he often compares his marriage to like being in the army: every day is routinely planned out for him, and he never has to make any decisions.

It is revealed that Richard and Hyacinth are no longer intimate, as Hyacinth does not approve of it at their time of life, and he also says to her that as soon as their son, Sheridan, was born, Hyacinth lost interest in Richard.

A few times, Richard has stood up to Hyacinth in public because of her unreasonable behaviour, driving her into shock, but he is usually meek and mild.

Until series three, he works as a civil servant; his exact title is not specified, though Hyacinth states he is the deputy in the council's department of finance and general purposes.Even after living in BK for 3 1/2 years I've never had a date on this side of the river. I guess I can cross that one off my dating bucket list. The prospect of my first Brooklyn date got me thinking about what else is on my list: Ice skating in Central Park. You can smile indulgently at all of the little rugrats flipping their lids in the petting zoo. Would you believe that I've never actually sat down with the sole intention of watching the sun rise or set? File under "Sad But True": I've never been ice skating. Richard is a calm, tolerant and relaxed character who cares little for enhancing or preserving social status, and he seems content with his lower-middle class standing.He pronounces his last name, Bucket, as the English word, and snaps to Hyacinth in one episode, "It's not "Bouquet", it's Bucket! Richard Bucket married Hyacinth Walton (as she was back then) on 14 December 1963 and moved into 21 or 22 Blossom Avenue at a later date.Hyacinth believes that Richard's favourite hobby is gardening and repeatedly forces him to go into the garden to work on it, even though he makes it quite clear that he does not enjoy it.


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