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Abby and Chin find their primary crime scene, blood and shattered glass everywhere. Back at headquarters, Abby explains that they found a fingerprint on the 0 bill, that places the money from a stolen armored car heist.Abby watches Steve drag around their suspect in the ocean behind a jet ski.In Hana Keaka, Abby is with Five-O when they go out to the pig farm crime scene.

Max then shows them some colored glass and Abby notices that the glass color, bright orange, is very distinct.

In Ka Makau kaa kaua, Abby is at Steve’s place, with the rest of their friends, as they watch pre-fight weigh in with Devon Haynes and Luke Nakano.

Abby welcomes Max when he arrives late, said she didn’t know that Max was Jewish.

Chin is helping Abby get her bags into the elevator, they're both in the elevator when Jerry shoves his way in.

Abby is with Chin as they investigate the murder of 5 Chinese arm dealers.


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