Dating for pot smokers

It’s for that reason that Todd Mitchem co-founded High There!, a mobile dating app that looks a lot like Tinder.

People are ok with legalizing marijuana, but not as much if it’s being smoked in front of them.MYTH 3: SINGLE STONERS AREN’T SEXUAL On top of that, people who are open to marijuana use are more likely to have had multiple orgasms (109%), have 3.6% more orgasms per sexual encounter, and are more likely to want to make out at the end of a date (30%) MYTH 4: SMOKERS ARE LAZY When people think of those who have smoked pot, they’re more inclined to believe they are lazy and unmotivated. Those who support legalizing pot are more likely to exercise regularly (18%) and are even most likely to have a professional or graduate degree (65% more likely than those who do not support pot).And among young adults, they are more likely to be employed (18%).The app operates with the slogan “You have more friends than you think,” which underscores the app’s goals of connecting cannabis users — or at least people who don’t judge those who smoke weed.In the app’s blog, Mitchem describes how he’s used the app to go on dates where he’s not vilified for enjoying marijuana, and he’s also met new friends across the country who now have a chance to share their stories with others who actually enjoy them.Marijuana use might not be as mainstream as some users would like.


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