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Customers routinely praised her for having the most colorful, affordable, and plentiful supply in the city.My grandmother was the first person to dream me into this world.I also watched her paint still life watercolors, a hobby that substituted for the romance she wished she had had instead of her strained marriage.Even at the age of ten, as I listened to my grandparents’ arguments from the back seat of Grandpa’s caddie, I wondered why they didn’t just get a divorce already.“I have a boyfriend,” said Grandma over the telephone.It was August of 2016, and I was pretending to be in Arizona although I had in fact moved to Istanbul.And so, after Grandma was widowed, I could But after Fifi’s newness faded, Grandma became increasingly cranky.

Smart man: the way to Grandma’s QVC-addicted heart has always been jewelry. While I was at lunch on December 29th in Istanbul, Grandma’s ninetieth birthday party was just finishing up in New York.I kissed her forehead and said, “It’s ok.” But I didn’t promise any future visits. When I asked what she thought of it, she said, “Not really my thing.I prefer Danielle Steel.” So we couldn’t spend a weekend in the same house; our literary tastes didn’t agree; and she obstinately refused even the possibility of a boyfriend.This knowledge helped me maintain a contracted patience during Grandma’s continued muttering about the horrors of the clogged disposal (even after it was fixed).On Monday morning, a few minutes before I left for the airport, Grandma apologized for her outburst.For years Grandma had been saying that I should stop travelling to Turkey because it was “a very dangerous place.” Having decided that the truth wasn’t worth her worries over coup attempts, mass arrests and repeated bombings (okay, maybe she was just a “A boyfriend, definitely,” she said with a joyous tone I’d only heard her use once before, just after she adopted her dog, a sweet poodle mix named Fifi.


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