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Both marriage partners should be present when applying at the Administrative Unit.If this is not possible, then the absent fiancé(e) must submit a notarized Power of Attorney, which also must be translated into Slovene, authorizing a third person to sign the Administrative Unit document regarding his/her intent to marry.One of the most highly anticipated events is the LIFFE Film Festival in November, which changes Ljubljana into an international motion picture hub for two weeks.Explore The look of Slovenian cities and towns has been defined by various periods, dating back to antiquity.The identity of the Slovenian nation is inseparably connected with its culture and the Slovenian language.

After the marriage has been performed, the Administrative Unit will issue a marriage certificate.

You must register the forthcoming marriage with the (Upravna enota, Oddelek za upravne notranje zadeve, Matični urad) in the location where you wish to get married.

This can be accomplished not more than six months before the proposed wedding date, but no sooner than 14 days before the proposed wedding date.

You may transfer the desired photographs or videos free of charge for all publications promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination, whether in Slovenia or abroad, in accordance with these rules.

Photographs and videos may be used only with an indication of the author and the following source:


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