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A male client was discussing a woman he had been out with on two dates.

While he thought she was lovely, he was uncertain about his feelings for her.

He and this woman shared a common love for dogs and on their first date he mentioned that he had gotten a new puppy.

On the second date, she showed up with a bottle of champagne, a dog toy, and a card congratulating him.

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“At work and school I have enough structure in my day, and the last thing I want in a relationship is predictability,” said Mindy L., 20.

Don’t underestimate the nice guy.” So, maybe nice guys are boring.

According to the article on Urban Belle, healthy relationships are indeed boring because they consist of two people who follow through on their promises and maintain peace in their relationship; it also states that for a woman in a relationship with a nice guy, the excitement should come from knowing she’s loved and her relationship is stable.

Orlov’s article "Nice Guys Don’t Have to Finish Last" includes a list of why nice guys are the best: they don’t play games, they have compassion for others, they’re protecting, they want to support and meet a woman’s needs and they are able to create passion and intimacy in the long run.

Although there were conflicting views, it’s pretty safe to say that a nice guy who’s strong in his opinions and principles, takes the lead and is willing to initiate new things to try together are worth giving a chance.


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