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MAD can also refer to the Japanese AMV community, although they can be anything from audio clips, edited pictures, to wholly original creations.

The tendency of a character to pretend to be a made-up character from fantasy such as a vampire, demon, angel, wizard, alien, warrior or person with special bloodline, often imagining themselves to possess magical powers, super powers or cursed items.In Japanese, kabe is wall, and don is the sound of slapping against a wall.Literally, kabe-don describes the act of fiercely slapping a wall.( While there are only two more days until Taylor Swift's Reputation is unleashed on the world, rumors are swirling that the album's tracklist has arrived ahead of the music.Stereogum has reported that physical copies of the release are hitting stores around the world, leading to alleged images of the album's artwork and tracklist hitting the internet this week.This is a list of terms that are specific to anime and manga.


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