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The rodent quickly became a star, and soon there were Mickey Mouse Clubs for children as well as merchandise and a comic strip.

When Mickey spoke for the first time, in 1929’s “The Karnival Kid” (his words were “Hot dog, hot dog”), Walt was unhappy with how the character sounded and went on to lend his own voice to the mouse until 1947’s “Mickey and the Beanstalk,” when he said he was too busy to continue doing so.

Construction began in July 1954 and Disneyland opened a year later, on July 17.

Opening day didn’t go smoothly, though: People produced counterfeit tickets, leading to an over-capacity crowd of attendees; rides broke; parts of the park were unfinished and a gas leak forced Fantasyland to be closed.

He was sent to France in late 1918, shortly after the signing of the armistice that ended the fighting.

It was on a 1928 train trip back to Los Angeles from New York (after learning he’d lost the rights to his cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) that Walt began developing the idea for the character eventually known to the world as Mickey Mouse (contrary to legend, Walt didn’t have a pet mouse on which he based Mickey).In 1917, his father sold the paper route and moved the family back to Chicago, where he was employed at a jelly and fruit juice company.Walt dropped out of high school at 16 (he had been an inattentive student but drew constantly) and, with the Unites States fighting World War I, joined the Red Cross Ambulance Corps by forging his birth certificate in order to meet the Corps’ minimum age requirement of 17.Disneyland’s debut was showcased in a live TV broadcast—co-hosted by then-actor Ronald Reagan and seen by approximately 70 million Americans—yet the program was riddled with technical difficulties.Nevertheless, Disneyland was an immediate success, and after just one month the park had hosted more than half a million visitors.However, Disney’s father had difficulty making a living in Marceline and sold the farm in 1910; the following year, the family relocated to Kansas City.


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