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Leaving a relationship and leaving a job require a similar courage of being willing to be alone or without a paycheck -- forfeiting financial and emotional security -- for an unknown period.

The willingness to leave, without something lined up to replace it, means that after sizing up both the market and the competition, people are confident not only that they won't be single forever, but also that they will find a better match.

One final type of unemployment gives hope now summer has arrived: Seasonal Unemployment: Periodic unemployment due to seasonal variations in industries affected by weather. The chances of meeting someone goes up exponentially in the summer, because everyone is outside -- and just generally out -- more, plus at least 24 percent more attractive tan.

Now is the time to sharpen your "interviewing" skills and altruistically do your part to help the employment numbers.

In the last four years, unemployment has become the ultimate four-letter word, but singleness -- the dating market equivalent to the labor market's unemployment -- doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.

Just as economists distinguish between good and bad unemployment, and agree "ideal unemployment" is above zero, a relationship economist undoubtedly would make the same distinction in her market.

We love bringing singles together in one place, which is why we provide lots of spontaneous ways to get to know each other.In both the job market and the market of love, high-quality goods clear quickly.The unemployed can be divided between voluntary and involuntary; short-term and long-term; and, in technical language, frictional and structural.A quick vocabulary review to bridge the dating-as-work metaphor: Structural Unemployment: (aka Involuntary Unemployment, Long-term Unemployment, and Bad Single) Exists because of structural problems in the market, in which the unemployed's skills and job requisites do not match, so that the market cannot absorb everyone.In the labor market, these are unskilled workers "left behind" by innovations.Structural unemployment often results from poor past choices, and creates a vicious cycle in which the unemployed become cynical and disheartened, and their skills -- both on the job and in job-seeking -- erode.


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