Discount code for dating sites

News for July 2017: I just received an email from my confidential informant (think: “James Bond”, but this person works in an office, has two cats, and is not a secret agent by any means).

This person told me about the following voucher code they are offering: Get an entire year’s membership for only £14.95/mo.

Its huge user database and its easy-to-use website attracts thousands of new people daily.

Although prices are somewhat higher at than at any other dating site, there are promo codes and special offers as well as the guarantee.

You just need to look for “promo code” on Google and you’ll be bombarded with innumerable offers. But most of them are just displaying what you can also find on directly which aren’t really promo codes but rather discounts if you decide to subscribe for more than one month.

You will, as already mentioned, find some real promo code on the net from time to time which will help you save some extra dosh.

We have combed the web for various voucher codes and compiled a list that we have authorised in order to ensure they are valid.

In order to use these coupon codes, simply copy down the applicable code and enter it into the box when you are checking out. Sometimes you just need to click the below link and the discount will automatically be added to your cart.

They have a huge selection of coupons for e Harmony and are one of the first to report on the upcoming free communication weekends.

If you’re considering signing up, I strongly urge you to take advantage of this offer.

I RARELY see discounts this deep for 1 year membership.

For example, subscribing to for 3 instead of for only 1 month, you can save more than a month.

And opting for the 6-month subscription even saves you around 0 - wich is over 50%!! The guarentee (formerly “Make Love Happen Guarantee”) is no promo code but rather an option for anyone opting for a six-month subscription at


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