Dom of religion and accommodating religious dress in schools

Co-workers' disgruntlement or jealousy about the religious accommodation is not considered undue hardship, nor is customer preference.

EXAMPLE 4 Exception to Uniform Policy as a Religious Accommodation Based on her religious beliefs, Ruth adheres to modest dress.

When his manager advises him that the company has a policy requiring male employees to wear their hair short, Eli explains that he is a newly practicing Nazirite and now adheres to religious beliefs that include not cutting his hair.

Eli's observance can be sincerely held even though it is recently adopted.[3] EXAMPLE 2 Observance That Only Occurs at Certain Times or Irregularly Afizah is a Muslim woman who has been employed as a bank teller at the ABC Savings & Loan for six months.

Examples of religious dress and grooming practices include wearing religious clothing or articles (, Sikh uncut hair and beard, Rastafarian dreadlocks, or Jewish peyes (sidelocks)).

For example, if a religious accommodation would impose more than ordinary administrative costs, it would pose an undue hardship.For example, an employer that is not a religious organization (as legally defined under Title VII) cannot make employees wear religious garb or articles (such as a cross) if they object on grounds of non-belief.Because this definition is so broad, whether or not a practice or belief is religious typically is not disputed in Title VII religious discrimination cases. Title VII applies to any practice that is motivated by a religious belief, even if other people may engage in the same practice for secular reasons.[2] However, if a dress or grooming practice is a personal preference, for example, where it is worn for fashion rather than for religious reasons, it does not come under Title VII's religion protections.EXAMPLE 1 New Observance Eli has been working at the Burger Hut for two years.While in the past he has always worn his hair short, he has recently let it grow longer.This is a lower standard than the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) undue hardship defense to disability accommodation.


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