Dreamweaver zes updating site catche

To get your entire site from the server, define a new site in Dreamweaver.Select the root folder on the server and then choose Site Location of Adobe folder for Dreamweaver: Windows 7 and 8 ~ Files / Folders ~ %temp% C:/Program Files/Adobe* C:/Program Files/Common Files/Adobe* C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe* C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe* C:/Users/[user]/App Data/Roaming/Adobe* C:/Users/[user]/App Data/Local/Adobe* Mac OS [user]/Library/Application Support/Adobe* [user]/Library/Preferences/Adobe* Note: The Library folder on Mac OS is hidden. Adobe has revamped the Dreamweaver user interface to remove features that support web technologies no longer relevant for most Dreamweaver users.For Dreamweaver CC, and CS4-6, it’s as follows: indicates the language of your operating system.The language is usually represented by two pairs of characters separated by an underscore, as in en_US (English), es_ES (Spanish), or fr_FR (French).Sometimes, deleting the cache file is not sufficient, and you need to delete your personal configuration folder in its entirety.

It's a simple process, but the files are hidden on both Mac and Windows.Follow the separate instructions for your operating system.To locate your personal configuration folder, you must enable the option to view hidden files and folders.For information on syncing files to Creative Cloud, see Sync or upload files.Preventative measure: Get entire site from server Working with files on a local computer prevents network-related issues as well as broken links.Earlier versions of Dreamweaver locate the personal configuration folder in a slightly different location.


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