English women dating german men in itemupdating event

I'm a professional, I've had wonderful dating experiences with Swedish women but I never married until I met my wife in Thailand.It never occurred to me that there could be something wrong with what I was doing until I had some comments from friends and started reading stuff on the net.

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For instance the Swedish berry industry has relied on Thais for many years.

Jim Henderson is a Londoner living in Stockholm who met his Thai wife Paphora on Thai Love Lines in 2010 and now lives happily in Sweden: 'My wife loves Sweden in spite of the cold, we are very happy but I have heard stories of some guys on their third wife from Thailand, I have had to take my wife to the hospital and the administrators insisted on having a Thai translator for her when she first arrived even though she speaks very good English.

I think the authorities are right to be so protective here but I am concerned that some people have an agenda.

In spite of it representing its country as liberal and progressive, Swedes has been putting their government under pressure to investigate such issues as gay and lesbian marriages, the ordination of lesbian bishops and the growth of the sex industry in Sweden, including the large numbers of Thai massage parlours in Stockholm.

Those lobbying the Swedish government highlight the number of Thai women who appear to be discarded by their male Swedish partners or seek help from Sweden's welfare agencies.


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