Entourage constantly updating inbox

When a sender includes their Display Name (First and Last Names generally) then that's all that's in the From column and therefore that's what you need to specify.

(If they don't include a Display Name you'll see the email address in the From column and therefore can use that; but not otherwise.) However "Advanced Find" - cmd-opt-F does a search of the database, is restricted by default to the current folder (although you can uncheck that) and searches the entire Name line in the Fro header, whatever it may contain. 1) I'm having trouble understanding the search features in Entourage.

Forget about ordinary Find unless you're searching all types (messages, tasks, events, notes and contacts) just for their titles.

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I would do one folder at a time so you can easily move to a new folder you create in Entourage.

If you want the functionality of having all mail stored on the server, I suggest getting a Gmail IMAP account. By design all POP messages go to a single Inbox under “On My Computer”.

POP accounts will delete a message from the server after downloading unless you select to “leave on the server.” If you plan on downloading this account to your i Phone, you will need to be sure you make the correct selections.

The first option to partially receive should be set at a lower setting so you can decide if you want to download the entire message on your phone.


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