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Now that Tom is happily engaged to Luann, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other what the skeletons of his past unearth.Luann seems to realize this too, probably because she’s got a few of her own skeletons rattlin’ around in her own closet.

Don't get it twisted, as this cloudy stuff sits better with music from the "indie" section than something like Deadmau5 or Swedish House Mafia, and yet all the tinkling and drifting found on opening track "With Me" is broken up by a bona fide dubstep bass drop, even if this bass drop crackles with the sound of glitch and lands its punch in a much softer than usual wubba, wubba.

"The Road" is deeper and more psychedelic but equally as inspiring thanks to well laced tabla textures and dreamy synthwork.

"Formation" finishes the set with a whole new side to Biome; a pumping 4/4 joint it steals colours and techniques from the psy-trance and techno palates with flare and panache.

"Remembrance" takes a step back for more of a deep tech perspective before we tap out with the cascading breakbeat rolls of "Niagra".

A hurricane of emotional pads wrap around subtle rave influences to create a timeless floor-burner that unites all corners. Scottish producer DFRNT delivers three deep and soulful tracks of atmospheric dubstep on his latest EP, Saturation Point.


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