Etiquette dating after death of spouse

It was all the acquaintances and strangers I didn’t want to have to chat with and explain my story, again and again, as profound changes began to take place in my life.This idea of other people’s reactions became a major topic of conversation at grief support sessions.

The Victorians, for example, rarely if ever talked about sex in polite company, even within the circle of those of their same gender.” Before my loss, I never could have fathomed what it was like.I now grasp not knowing all the proper sensitive etiquette when tragedy steps in, and have compiled this list to help others: I am now a member of one of the most unwanted clubs in the world.Two months after my husband, Nolan, died following a long illness, I decided it was time for me to do something I swore I’d never be able to do again: Open the door to human contact.Of course, I didn’t really mean I would never re-emerge from my house. But I still fantasized about moving to an alien planet where strange beings didn’t know who I was, didn’t care and certainly didn’t speak my language.They’d leave me alone since they might fear me and my deep grief.


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