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Whats App Face Time even sounds dirty if you have the right sense of humor.It might not be technically for sexting, but if you can find a way to position your phone or laptop screen properly, you can take your video chats to a whole new level. Housetab get them to pay for your drinks at the bar.First, experts say 80% of communication is really transmitted through body language and expression. With Face Time and its wonderful video quality you can actually changes in expression; a twinkle in the eyes, a blush along the cheek, subtle smile, a bittersweet glance.All of this is lost over text or spoken conversation. Second, i Phone is a lot easier to move around the house (and into the bed! You can have your i Phone comfortably docked or propped up beside you if you want to keep your hands free, or grab it and take it under the covers if the mood strikes you.Gizmodo has posted several tips for the more adventurous among you, should you want to try them out.So have you -- or would you -- use Face Time to spice up your love life?

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Talking dirty can obviously be fun, but it requires a little imagination.Users log in with their Facebook credentials and the site automatically imports their contacts and current chats. No other Facebook buttons, including links to the News Feed, are visible, but settings (pictured) can be managed using the gear icon in the top left-hand corner is the latest addition to the much-maligned service.At its F8 conference in San Francisco last month, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) announced it was turning Messenger application into a platform for 'e-commerce, video and more' in a bid to shake up online communication During the event, Facebook executives introduced more than 25 products and tools to help developers 'build, grow, and monetise' applications.Messenger was also upgraded to let users share photos, audio and videos and make calls (left).And Messenger can now be used for making payments to friends (right)Elsewhere, the Messenger team is working with partners including ESPN and the Bad Robot film production company owned by Hollywood director J. Abrams to release applications that work on the Messenger platform. Well, if you give horny people technology, there’s only one sure-as-hell thing they’re going to do with it: try to get laid. The best sexting apps take secret messaging to the next level and let you try to woo (or just send and receive pictures of hot bods) someone without getting blown up, Anthony Weiner-style.


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