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If the thought of Anisse and Berthold perishing is too much to bear, go with Triss to the Bits district. Walk down the wood stairs and Triss spies a patrol of guards in the distance.You can hide out near a building and let the enemies pass, or make Geralt If either Anisse or Berthold die, the surviving mage is upset.Walk over to the fountain located to the northeast.Use Witcher Senses to find the other bit of rope and Geralt will smell cinnamon.From there, Triss requests Geralt Whether or not you choose to take on Now Or Never has consequences in The Witcher 3.Ignore the side quest and witch hunters kill all of the mages, thus ending any chance to romance Triss.If you complete it, you learn more about nonhumans while on the Blindingly Obvious main quest.Finally, if you convince Triss to stick around she becomes your girlfriend, which makes things interesting later on if you already gave Geraltll express doubt about the best path to take.

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Before long Count Tybalt shows up and you play Gwent against Geralt Go downstairs and then outside.

Walk over to the big table and listen to the conversation, responding however you want.

There are disagreements among the party and you wind up with Eskel, Lambert and Yennefer.

Geralt is merely enjoying a lay of the land at this point.

Go inside the Kaer Morhen fortress and then access the main hall.


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