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Without wasting any time, Alexis sank to her knees as she pulled out my throbbing dick.She looked up at me and immediately began fisting my shaft. We held our stare for more than ten seconds, which was all it took for her to make me cum.I just looked on as she took it off and threw it against the far wall. " she said, posing for me like a porn model, her hands on her hips.The pace and determination with which she had taken her clothes off was making it very difficult for me to get a grip on the situation.I grabbed the remote control of the metal detectors - yes, we can make them go 'beep' when we want to - as I was still trying to decide how to handle this.

At around in the afternoon, I suddenly saw a familiar face. I couldn't tell whether it was anger or pure hatred, but I could feel my stress levels rising. I thought about running away or taking a break, but there wasn't time to call for my replacement. My ex-wife Alexis and I had been happy for 12 out of the 14 years of marriage. We stopped talking, we stopped having sex and we started fighting all the time.When I found her fucking my best friend in our living room, I moved out that same day and filed for divorce." "Please take off your shoes and step through the detector again please," I asked. I turned to my colleague and said, "Carol, I'm in exam room 3." Carol looked at me funny, as technically I wasn't allowed to examine a woman.Alexis probably knew that as well, but followed me anyway, albeit visibly reluctant.After closing and locking the door behind us, I immediately said, "I must inform you that you have the right to ask for a female security officer to conduct this search..." "What is this bullshit, Dwight?


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