Free chat sites for aol adult chat rooms

They always ruined the fun because when they were around you couldn't use foul language without getting an OSW (On Screen Warning) which resulted in getting your account knocked offline and a nice TOS violation mark on your record.

They can do everything an OH can do plus access ALL restricted keywords.Something Awful Forums, author "iceaim" This thread has been inspired by the "Anyone remember AOHell and similiar programs? Below is a description of some of the "special" AOL accounts that were around: 1. I used various methods to crack employee "internal" accounts and volunteer "overhead" and "community leader" accounts which were used by GUIDES and other AOL volunteers.In addition to using it to token scan, it can also be used to design new keywords.It used a scripting language called FDO which is like a propriatory version of HTML.Despite this limitation, these gags were a lot of fun to use when unannounced and they weren't logged like timed gags.


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